1. All The Rage
    All The Rage

  2. Find What You Love And Let It Kill You

  3. Loser
    All The Rage

  4. Surfin' Turf
    Franks & Deans

  5. The Best You’re Gonna Feel All Day
    Franks & Deans

  6. How Did You All Get In My Room?
    Franks & Deans

  7. Pronounced de Heiz
    The Heiz

  8. The Gun
    The Heiz

  9. Sweet Dreams (From The Gutter)
    Dirk Vermin & the Hostile Talent

  10. Intermittent Waves

  11. Volume II
    The New Waves

  12. Everything I Couldn't Tell You

  13. We Do It Better
    The Venomous Pinks

  14. Hot Sushi
    Bloodcocks UK

  15. Planet Bloodcock
    Bloodcocks UK

  16. Just Punk Enough
    The Damnit Jims

  17. Reaction
    The Damnit Jims

  18. Never Die
    The Damnit Jims

  19. SQUIDHAT '77: A Las Vegas Punk Rock Tribute To 1977

  20. The World Is Watching

  21. PunkSexy: A Las Vegas Punk Rock Tribute To Prince

  22. Troubled Minds
    The Quitters

  23. Contributing To Erosion
    The Quitters

  24. No Big Deal
    The Quitters

  25. Tiz The Season
    The Quitters

  26. We Are All Refugees

  27. A Beautiful Chaos: 1981 - 2004

  28. Sorry, Not Sorry
    The Negative Nancys

  29. The Vermin Must Die
    The Vermin

  30. Svetlanas & New Cold War Split

  31. Coming Home
    Guilty By Association

  32. Guilty By Association
    Guilty By Association

  33. This Flag EP
    False Cause

  34. Creature Of Habit
    Sounds Of Threat

  35. Surrounded By Thieves
    Surrounded By Thieves

  36. The People's Whiskey
    The People's Whiskey

  37. Law Is Not Order
    The Gashers

  38. In Trust We Bleed
    The Gashers

  39. Ten Years... A Million Beers

  40. I Am A Robot
    The Dirty Panties

  41. Pet Tigers
    Pet Tigers

  42. Desert Rats With Baseball Bats Compilation

  43. Desert Rats II - A Las Vegas Punk Sampler

  44. Desert Rats With Baseball Bats 3

  45. Punk Snot Ted
    Self Abuse

  46. Vegas Soul
    Attack Ships On Fire

  47. Punches Are Free
    Attack Ships On Fire

  48. State Of Get Down
    Big News

  49. Double Down Saloon EP
    Attack Ships On Fire

  50. Ages
    Amy Pate

  51. The SquidBox

  52. Locals Only! A Las Vegas Punk Rock Bowling Compilation 2016
    SquidHat Records & Punks In Vegas

  53. SquidHat Records 2019 Punk Rock Bowling Sampler

  54. Locals Only! A Las Vegas Punk Rock Bowling Compilation
    SquidHat Records & Punks In Vegas

  55. Fresh Ink Volume 3

  56. Fresh Ink Volume 4

  57. Fresh Ink Volume 5

  58. Fresh Ink Volume 6

  59. Fresh Ink Volume 7

  60. Fresh Ink Volume 8

  61. New York, New York
    Franks & Deans

  62. Hit Me Baby LIVE!
    Hit Me Baby

  63. Punk Me Baby One More Time
    Hit Me Baby

    Sex & Sin

  65. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
    The Heiz

  66. Big


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